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12 February 2017

The role of humans on the stage of Gaia?

In our very first website in the 1980's, we had a Forum facility which ran for several years. Let us restart that conversation. There is much to talk about.

What does our world look like today - as seen through "Reverence for Life" coloured glasses?

What role are we humans playing on this global stage we call Gaia - our home - which we now know to be a living, self-regulating organism?

I am ever more convinced that all living creatures are made up of just such self-regulating organisms living in community.  However, what we can glean by cutting up these organisms, (or the larger communities of which they are an integral part), into isolated bits and studying these in separate compartments, is no more than a superficial record of their 'nuts and bolts.  Useful as this can be, in helping us to understand the mechanics of things, it is only by seeing the unity of life that we can get a sense of how it all works.

By looking at the world through my "Reverence for Life" glasses this is what appears to me in ever greater clarity........

How about that as a proposition with which to re-start our discussion?

When I had finished preparing my presentation for the seminar held at the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University last Autumn (found in resources) and was tidying up my desk, I came across some scraps of paper on which I had written two little poems many, many months earlier.  I had completely forgotten about them. Now I saw that they expressed in a few words pretty well everything I was trying to say in my presentation.

Lets put these into our proverbial peace-pipe and smoke them in a moment of leisure:


A Balanced Measure


If but the proper measure for our tasks were found,

Our problems would be quartered, I’ll be bound.

Too little and too much is our constant fault.

If we could bid excess and deprivation halt, 

And keep a balanced measure in all things

Gaia’s creatures could live the life of kings.


When Ego comes of age


Why not give a thought each day

To the role we humans are to play

In the life of our evolving planet.


As our consciousness matures

And adolescent ego comes of age,

We’ll play our proper part upon this stage.


Perhaps this century or this millennium

Our common cause with Nature will come clear:

Instead of raping Mother Earth, we’ll hold her dear. 

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Percy Mark

Past Chairman and Philosopher

(born 1936)

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