Shipment to Tanzania

27 May 2017
Kathrin Cockhill
United Kingdom

Event description

We are collecting materials to send out to Tanzania to support the SAHU outreach program that is operating in the Dar es Salaam area. We aim to send support for the two schools that we visited last July , The Kamati ya Schule in the Mbopo region with 777 children and a kindergarten on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam that offers first learning to around 40 children, many of whom are orphaned. 

Materials for donation can include:

School materials; exercise books, pencils, rubbers, crayons, rulers, footballs, cricket sets, tennis balls etc.

Toys; dolls, games, toy cars , painting sets, etc.

Clothes; boys and girls clothes and shoes for all ages (infant to teenagers)

A little more detail below

Children's clothes and shoes- all types- ages 3 years and upwards ( 16 max) for both boys and girls

Picture books and reading books - if you or your friends & family have contact any with local schools , their old reading scheme books are perfect if they have any that can be donated but all books, with or without words are very gratefully accepted. 

Balls- deflated footballs with a simple hand pump , tennis balls and bats, small bean bags that can be used as markers for games or for throwing practise 

Sports equipment- if anyone knows a supplier who could donate some cricket bats and balls or any other sports equipement, it would mean that they could start to develop their curriculum and play some new team sports. 

Exercise books- with or without lines - the schools use small slates which the children share as paper is expensive and difficult to come by. As a result,  chalk is also useful , either white or coloured. Colouring pencils and writing pencils are also vital. 

Toys- little cars, trucks, old lego, building blocks, skipping  ropes were very popular, dollies, soft toys ,

Sundries- the girls of all ages love coloured hair ribbons, clips , hair bands , anything pretty and colourful.

School bags, or in fact any bags that are not plastic are useful.

Charity shops in your area are a great source of inspiration and excellent value supplies. Buying from these also adds the value of supporting a charity here  in the UK whilst also supporting SAHU- a great double benefit- something even more positive  to think about when suggesting to your friends and contacts how they might be able to help.

To make a donation or help support this appeal,  please contact us by registering on the website and emailing


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