The Bumblebee Conservation Trust launch their updated BeeKind garden planner for 2019

25 April 2019




The Bumblebee Conservation Trust have released a major upgrade to the Trust's Bee kind tool. Bee kind scores the existing plants in your garden to see how bee-friendly it currently is and then provides an educational score breakdown, complete with planting recommendations to improve your garden’s bee-friendliness.

So what's new with Bee kind? The total number of plants has expanded from around 150 plants to an impressive database of almost 700 pollinator friendly plants, including over 200 bumblebee super-plants. You can get plant recommendations based on the growing conditions in your garden and personal preferences, the more information you enter, the more appropriate your plant recommendations. There is a new scoring system with feedback about how your garden scored points. You can add multiple gardens and create a plant wishlist of bee-friendly plants.

Share your score with people in your social network and encourage others to #Beekind!

Visit Bee kind at: to get started. 

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