Maison Albert Schweitzer museum development

23 November 2017

Built in 1928 with money received with the Goethe Prize, the Maison Schweitzer became Albert Schweitzer's European home and headquarters in the Alsacian village of Guensbach where he had grown up. Now that it is a museum and archive which is open to the public, the need to make it accessible for those with disabilities has led to the design of a major extension of the museum facilities, construction of which began in October 2017. One of our trustee's, Mrs. Vreni Mark, was Directrice of the House between 1986 and 1989, succeeding Mlle Ali Silver who founded the museum after Dr. Schweitzer died in 1965. Reverence for Life UK continues to support the work of the museum and its close association with the House.

For more information on the museum and the ongoing fund raising project, please click here

The Maison Schweitzer as it has looked in recent years. 

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