Resources: Albert Schweitzer- His Life and Legacy

Albert Schweitzer's life and legacy

James Brabazon, who wrote the biography of Albert Schweitzer's life that was most highly regarded by his daughter Rhena, wrote this brief summary for our website shortly before his death in 2009.

Maison Albert Schweitzer museum development

Following Schweitzer's death in 1965, the ground floor of his home in the Alsace was adapted to create a museum. It was necessary to have space for the sale of books, cards etc plus a storage facility and an area to show the many films that had been made during his life. Currently, only the sitting...

Schweitzer's relationship with the British Isles?

ALBERT SCHWEITZER’S LEGACY: A UK PERSPECTIVE Albert Schweitzer’s legacy to humankind can be seen as having three aspects: 1. The example he gave us of a person who took stock of his life as a young man and made a decision to give up a promising academic career to take up a life of active service to...

Significant Dates and Events in Albert Schweitzer's Life

90 years of life packed with boundless energy and drive. A life dedicated to finding a way in which modern humanity can re-integrate into the wholeness and unity of all Life. A life which truly put his words into practice and followed his own advice that: "example is not the best way to influence...

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