Significant Dates and Events in Albert Schweitzer's Life

90 years of life packed with boundless energy and drive.

A life dedicated to finding a way in which modern humanity can re-integrate into the wholeness and unity of all Life.

A life which truly put his words into practice and followed his own advice that: "example is not the best way to influence people - it is the only way!"

Having decided at the age of 21 that after his 30th birthday he would leave the academic world behind and dedicate himself to some form of direct service of humanity, he found when that time came, it took him into the depths of the African Jungle near the Equator. The academic world followed him there and his empathy with our human predicament in the 20th century meant that he would had to straddle both worlds.

In practice that turned out to involve thirty journeys on the high seas between France and the Gabon, each taking three weeks - journeys that he came to treasure as they afforded him the opportunity to work on his writings, undisturbed by other responsibilities and calls upon his time.

A full schedule of his comings and goings is presented in the attached document: "Significant Dates & Events in Albert Schweitzer's Life".

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