During the latter part of his life Dr. Albert Schweitzer received support from all over the globe. At that time, one of the functions of the British 'Fund' was to bank and administer sterling donations.  Now the 'Fund's' successor "Reverence for Life UK" (RfLUK) is open for donations in any currency and during its history it has been active on four continents.


Dr. Schweitzer's Hospital was located near a town called Lambarene on the river Oguowe in the Gabon, formally a French colony in Central West Africa. RfLUK now works in partnership with the "Society for the Advancement of Humanity" (SAHU) in Tanzania.

The picture shows the partnership in action at our first visit to Tanzania to survey the land which we helped SAHU to buy. (For full details go to "Projects" or read more by clicking on "Africa" above).


The picture shows Dr. Schweitzer's European home in the small Alsatian village of Günsbach near Colmar in France.  

The house in the foreground, now a museum and archive open to the public and called the "Maison Schweitzer", was built there for him as his European home. 


From 1996 onwards until 2010 the British "Fund" and later RfLUK sent substantial contributions to a Leper Community in Central India, near Nagpur, called Anandwan.

It is a community which has given hope not only to thousands of lepers but to all who have come to know it as we have, because of the quite exceptionally happy and caring atmosphere and the beauty which pervades the place.  (Read more about this under "Projects" and by clicking Asia above)


Whilst Dr. Schweitzer was still alive, Larry Mellon, a son of the famous American banking family,  was so impressed by an article on Schweitzer in LIFE magazine, that he and his wife Gwen Grant Mellon determined to follow his example, study medicine and establish a hospital in Deschapelles in Haiti.

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Reverence for Life UK (incorporating Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund) is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No. 1102057