Reverence for Life is: 


This requires us to conduct ourselves in ways which do not unduly defile and pollute any one of the five elements.  Yet, since the numbers of our species have increased so dramatically in recent decades, we are doing just that to them all - to life-threatening levels.

- We defile the earth, the rivers and the oceans, as well as the air, with untold quantities of our waste products which take centuries to decompose;

- We spray them with chemicals which are poisonous to millions of creatures including ourselves;

- We usurp the power of fire so that the products of combustion unbalance our climate, raising the temperature of our planet to life-threatening levels and unleashing the uncontrollable fury of rampant flames;

-  And how long will it be before the debris of what we send up into space will cause serious accidents?

- Must we not urgently learn to tame the excesses of our technological innovations and harness their waste products to help us live in harmony with the rest of nature‚Äôs circular economy where all waste is regenerated into new nourishment?

Reverence for Life UK is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No.1197043
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