Reverence for Life is: 


As natural resources come under increasing pressure from demands placed on them by our species and our actions contribute to the creation of areas of extreme scarcity, ensuring an equitable distribution becomes ever more essential.  For no resource is this more critical than for the element of water, which is under threat from a number of different directions:

- The excessive and wasteful use of water in many areas and for many activities and processes;

- The pollution of watercourses and of the oceans by chemical run-off from agricultural land and by the proliferation and dumping of plastic waste, threatening all of marine life;

- The commercial exploitation of water management by private companies;

- The disruption of natural weather cycles by the emission of ‘greenhouse gasses’ causing climate disruption and extreme weather events;

- The destruction of ancient forests for reckless, shortsighted exploitation of the land.

This is why RfLUK is making it its next priority to find ways of providing a secure and safe water supply for 1200 primary school children in Tanzania who have no water in their school at present.

Reverence for Life UK is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No.1197043
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