Reverence for Life is: 


It is essential, if an enduring benefit is to be gained, that sharing does not lead to dependency.  Sharing should therefore aim at giving a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out”.  This means transferring knowledge and facilitating training and above all offering encouragement and friendship.

-  That is what RfLUK has been doing at Bustani ya Binadamu - the Garden for Humanity, near Dar es Salaam in Tanzania - where those afflicted by the consequences of HIV/AIDS have been encouraged and helped to build their own residential building and are now learning how to manage a five acre plot of land contributing towards their self-sufficiency.

- That is what RfLUK is now planning to do for a primary school in the same area by helping them to gain access to a regular water-supply and to become proficient in the management of an integrated water-conservation and sanitation system.

-  An integral part of such management is the realisation that all long-term benefits to be derived from technological systems are dependent on continuous and on-going maintenance for which training and financial planning are essential but are too often forgotten.

Reverence for Life UK is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No.1197043
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