Reverence for Life is: 


Human ingenuity and technical innovation, whilst leading to many benefits easing the burden of life, have also resulted in many unintended, dangerous and harmful side-effects which now have to be borne by all inhabitants of this globe.  Let us then at least ensure that we also share the benefits equitably.

-  One of the key benefits is the ability to provide access to adequate quantities of clean, safe water and sanitation;

-  Technologies exist which enable us, in areas of sparse rainfall, to extract water from deep inside the earth and through filtration, make it clean and wholesome;

- Technologies also exist to treat human excrement in ways that can produce gas for cooking, solids to improve the fertility of the ground and safe liquids for irrigation;

-  The school project being undertaken by RfLUK aims to share these technologies so as to make them available to the children and teachers in an highly impoverished area of Tanzania.

As the culmination of our RfL Awareness Week 2019 three of our Trustees are now in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, working with our partners there to set this project in motion, and hopefully, with the help of our supporters, bring it to an early fruition.

Reverence for Life UK (incorporating Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund) is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No. 1102057
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