There is another kind of breath. The alternating dis-engagement and re-engagement with the space-time continuum. In the rough and tumble of our pressured daily lives this tends to be so shallow that we barely notice it. But Covid -19 is causing us humans all over the globe to stop in our tracks and keep still for a while - allowing us to focus on this other kind of breath.

This kind of breathing is essential nourishment for the soul. As the body needs its alternating rhythm of sleeping and waking, so the soul needs its conscious retreat to its origin in the still innermost centre of our being before continuing its journey in the three-dimensional time-governed world.

Therefore, Reverence for Life today means:

- Making the best of the Covid-19 Pandemic by welcoming the opportunity to slow down, dis-engage and take time to delve deep into the innermost parts of our being and come to rest there for a while.

- Taking a good, inspiring book, curling up in a quiet protected place and opening- up our souls to the story and message of a fellow-traveller.

- Putting on our earphones, shutting out the world and immersing ourselves deeply in a piece of music which speaks directly to our heart.

- Finding a quiet undisturbed spot in the depth of nature, maybe in a woodland glade, or on a rocky beach overlooking the sea, or at the edge of a lake in a city park, where butterflies dance in the reflected sunlight and ducks float past with their ducklings in tow - and sit there doing nothing but watching and listening, and hearing our own heart beat harmoniously in tune with nature’s song - all around;

So, let us not be impatient and annoyed if we have to quarantine, but accept it gracefully and gratefully as an opportunity to take a deep breath of this other kind, nourishing our soul and listening to its story and its song.

Finding peace to listen to music and become immersed in your surroundings
Hummingbird in nature

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