All of nature’s kingdoms are closely related to each other, cooperate with and serve each other. They are nourishment one to another and together they ensure that nothing goes to waste. It is a self-sustaining economy, constantly transforming the sun’s energy into living matter.

In recent decades, the exponential growth of the human population and its frantic activities have begun to seriously disturb this interrelated cooperating economy, unbalancing it the point at which it is threatening to unravel.
Therefore, Reverence for Life today means:

- Realising that if, in order to protect our mono cultures, we continue to kill insects with chemicals, we will have nothing to fertilise our crops and the birds which need insects for their nourishment will vanish.

- Understanding that our topsoil needs worms, bacteria, and other microscopic creatures to be fertile, without these the soil will die. It loses cohesion and the wind blows it away.

- Leaving enough wild, uncultivated places of sufficient size for nature’s economy to continue to thrive, lest we lose the natural predators that sustain the system’s equilibrium.
- Honouring our responsibility towards mammals at the top of the food-chain, which are equally vital to keeping the system in balance, and which are the most severely threatened by human cultivation of the land. Many are already close to extinction.

Let us call a halt to further appropriation of land and sea. Rather, where possible, let us restore more areas to wilderness protected from human interference. Let us create more sanctuaries where the various kingdoms of the living world can continue to thrive, left to their own devices and finding their our balance, until we humans can find ways to again re-integrate our behaviour into the natural scheme of things.

Reverence for Life UK is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No.1197043
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