Reverence for Life is:


 Positive impact arises from: helping and enhancing life;

 Negative impact arises from: harming, inhibiting or destroying life.

Instead of spreading slug pellets which can kill hedgehogs and other small garden animals, try using the coffee grounds from your coffee machine – slugs and snails hate the gritty grounds and will keep clear.  The coffee grounds will also be a natural and free fertiliser/mulch for your plants.

        OR - for instance:

Instead of swatting spiders in your home this autumn as the nights close in, catch them in a glass and let them free outside in the garden.  It’s also worth remembering that they catch flies and can actually help to keep your home cleaner too.

        OR - for instance:

When you have watched a bee - or even a wasp - climb up your window-pane several times, trying desperately to fly away, get up and take the trouble to let it out by opening the window, or by taking a glass and a piece of stiff paper, catching it and carrying it to the door.

Little acts of kindness help prepare us for the big decisions concerning industrial meat production and unnecessary animal experimentation.

Reverence for Life UK is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No.1197043
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