The Albert Schweitzer Hospital Lambarene

Founded by Albert and Helene Schweitzer in 1913 on land belonging to the Paris Mission, the hospital was moved to a new site donated by the Gabonese Government in 1924. 

After Schweitzer’s death in 1965, the International Albert Schweitzer Association (AISL) was set up to oversee the running of the hospital. In 1974, a new body called the Foundation International Albert Schweitzer (FISL) was set up to both own and manage the hospital.

A new hospital was built in in 1981 on adjacent land purchased by the Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund UK. Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund regularly sent donations to support the hospital, until the trustees became increasingly convinced that the hospital should be handed over to the Gabonese Government, a process which has now been completed. 

The Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund’s last donations went towards the restoration of the most significant buildings at the original hospital, which had fallen into disrepair. These were converted into a hostel and museum, which is now a revenue stream for the hospital.


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