Guensbach Museum Project

It was necessary to have space for the sale of books, cards etc plus a storage facility and an area to show the many films that had been made during his life. Currently, only the sitting room with his tropical piano and Albert Schweitzer’s office, study/bedroom are accessible to the public.

The goal of the renovation is to free up and to restore all the rooms to their original appearance. The old sink and the frying pan will go back to the kitchen where they belong and visitors will be able to see all the rooms as they were in Schweitzer's day. Guests will be able to discover the numerous treasures (furniture, archives…) which have had to be stored out of sight due to lack of space and an appropriate setting .  

For ecological reasons and to preserve the archived material, the insulation and the electrical installation of the whole house will be brought up to 
 current standards and the House will become accessible to everyone with the installation of a new lift.
The basement of the house is currently used for storage. With the renovation, this part of the house will also become open to visitors and will be dedicated to the medical work of Albert Schweitzer during his time at the hospital-village of Lambarene. 

The project aims to raise 1.7M euros to complete the 375 sqm exhibition space and the renovations, and the building will re-open to the public in April 2019. For more information please see the PDF at the bottom of this page. 

Reverence for Life UK (incorporating Dr. Schweitzer’s Hospital Fund) is a registered charity in the UK. Charity No. 1102057
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